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11/14/2018Project Pitchfork, Dead Can Dance, Solemn Novena
11/02/2018Telekompilation vol. 1, Forza Horizon 4: Hospital Soundtrack, Dub Jay, Mitekiss
10/26/2018SRSQ, Lycia, Tesla Boy
10/12/2018Dubstar, VNV Nation
10/05/2018Mlada Fronta, Gunship
10/02/2018The Black Queen, Helix, Natura Est
09/28/2018De/Vision, C-Tec
09/21/2018Orbital, Degs
08/20/2018Underworld, Wire Spine, Desert Monolith
07/31/2018Kontravoid, Underfelt, Die Scum Inc.
07/27/2018Terminus Festival
07/05/2018Melotron, Them Are Us Too, NKVD
06/25/2018Juno Reactor, Front Line Assembly
06/18/2018Electronic Saviors V
05/25/2018Makeup and Vanity Set, Chvrches
05/07/2018Underfelt, Geomatic, Alphaxone
04/25/2018Underfelt, Geomatic
04/11/2018Haujobb, Lizette Lizette, Grendel, Ghostfeeder
03/14/2018Binary Park
03/03/2018Etherwood, Dub Jay, Project Pitchfork
02/15/2018Daniel B. Prothèse
01/19/2018Cesium 137
01/16/2018Starforce, Lionhearts, Dub Jay
01/02/2018Ecstasphere, Michael Hoenig
12/08/2017Wulfband, Sally Dige
11/17/2017Xenturion Prime, Empathy Test, Seeming
10/31/, Displacer, Access to Arasaka/Erode/Dirk Geiger
10/16/2017Legend, Encephalon, Tangerine Dream
10/09/2017Alter der Ruine, Displacer
09/16/2017Gary Numan
09/08/2017FIRES, Perturbator, the Crüxshadows
08/22/2017Comaduster, Steven Wilson
08/04/2017Seeming, Liebknecht, Cubanate, Nite
08/01/2017Wulfband; the Alpha Conspiracy vs. Low Technicians
07/28/2017Terminus Festival
07/18/2017Pretentious, Moi?; FIRES; Liquicity compilations
06/30/2017Neurotech, High-Functioning Flesh, Scheuber
06/11/2017Lionhearts, Street Fever, Com Truise, Echo Image
05/19/2017Ghost Twin, Erasure, Rein
05/10/2017Owl, Anodyne Industries, Keosz
04/05/2017X Marks the Pedwalk, Veela
03/27/2017Aeon Waves, Astronoid
03/06/2017Ochre, Dusky
02/20/2017Blackfield, Kanga, Hospital Records
01/31/2017Rein, Crisopa, Alphaxone & ProtoU, Prothèse
01/04/2017Empathy Test, Neurotech, Steve Roach
12/23/2016UnderViewer, Marsheaux
12/10/2016Them Are Us Too, Nothing But Noise, Ex Confusion
11/18/2016Glass Apple Bonzai, Strvngers
11/13/, SE, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Undermathic
11/04/2016Covenant, Project Pitchfork, Rotersand, Ulrich Schnauss
09/30/2016Opeth, Liquid Divine
09/23/2016Delerium, Torul, resomat
09/09/2016Devin Townsend Project, Mesh
08/15/2016Assemblage 23, Dirk Scheuber, the Sword
07/29/2016Body of Light, Dub Jay, Tesla Boy
07/26/2016Solar Fields, Astronoid, Absolute Body Control
07/07/2016Vince Clarke and Paul Hartnoll, Legend, Kloq
06/15/2016De/Vision, Electronic Saviors IV
06/08/2016Neurotech, Spark!, Vector Hold
05/13/2016Perturbator, Jean-Michel Jarre, Disasterpeace
04/25/2016Ayria, Keosz, Saori Kobayashi
04/08/2016Stratosphere, Underworld, THYX, Lights of Euphoria
03/25/2016Underworld, THYX, Lights of Euphoria
02/29/2016School of Seven Bells, Future Unlimited, the Sound of Arrows, Anodyne
02/15/2016The Black Queen, Mlada Fronta
01/29/2016Steven Wilson, Massive Attack
12/31/2015Saint Etienne, Ashbury Heights, Marsheaux
12/10/2015Tenek, Tangerine Dream
12/06/2015Mark Harris, Dirk Serries, Underworld
11/16/2015Neurotech, Gunship, Tangerine Dream, Alphaxone
10/21/2015Jean-Michel Jarre, Front 242
09/26/2015Chvrches, We Are the Alchemists, Kite
09/12/2015Die Krupps, Beborn Beton, Modern Cubism, Dimbodius
09/05/2015Haujobb, Beborn Beton, Alter der Ruine
08/13/2015Mlada Fronta, Flesh Field, Kite
07/29/2015Vector Hold, S.P.O.C.K
07/11/2015Seeming, Astralasia, Metrik, Ego Likeness
06/15/2015Leftfield, Ozric Tentacles, NCC
06/08/2015Neurotech, MultiColor, High-Functioning Flesh
05/02/2015Glass Apple Bonzai, Encephalon, Dependence 2015
04/17/2015Neuroticfish, Absolute Body Control, Poordream
04/02/, Torul, Camouflage, X Marks the Pedwalk
03/05/2015Steven Wilson, Röyksopp, Autechre, Crisopa, Bitrok
02/28/2015Röyksopp, Autechre, Crisopa, Bitrok
02/11/2015Blind Guardian, Spark!, Gary Numan live albums
01/20/2015Camille Jones, Ochre
01/12/2015Biomekkanik, the Future Sound of London, Zinovia, Autoclav1.1
12/10/2014Tineidae, Neurotech, Tangerine Dream
11/12/2014Binary Park, Mlada Fronta, Iris, Tonikom
11/07/2014Iris, Tonikom
10/29/2014Devin Townsend Project, Steril, LFO, Emerging Organisms 5
10/09/2014Die Krupps and Front 242 live recordings from Cold Waves III
09/25/2014Erasure, Information Society, Project Pitchfork, Speaker\Cranker
09/14/2014Bitcrush, Mark Harris, Ex Confusion, Opeth, Lisa Gerrard
08/31/2014Opeth, Lisa Gerrard
08/16/2014And One, Kasabian
08/06/2014Electrovot, Knytt Underground soundtrack
07/13/2014Xenturion Prime, Transistor soundtrack
06/03/2014Dryft, Melotron, Electronic Saviors Volume III
05/29/2014Antigen Shift, Displacer & Nimon, Absurd Minds
05/20/2014Front Line Assembly, Eno·Hyde, Glass Apple Bonzai
04/28/2014Vector Hold, Fantazja
03/25/2014Seeming, Tesla Boy, THYX
02/19/2014Seabound, Zeller, Surveillance
01/25/2014Encephalon, DJMREX
01/04/2014Pjusk, Gary Numan
12/20/2013Dub Jay, Goldfrapp, 65daysofstatic
12/02/2013Die Krupps, VNV Nation
11/22/2013VNV Nation
10/30/2013Architect, Noir
08/23/2013XYZZY, Loomec
07/11/2013Front Line Assembly, Comaduster, Ayria
06/05/2013THYX, Comaduster, Barn Owl
04/26/2013Juno Reactor, Snog, Torul
03/27/2013Ghost & Writer, Mesh, Informatik
03/10/2013Steven Wilson, Peter Murphy
02/19/2013Code 64, Ulrich Schnauss, Torul, Geomatic
02/09/2013Stendeck, Access to Arasaka, Ochre, Project Pitchfork
01/03/2013Displacer, Tineidae, Adam Johnson
12/17/2012Tympanik Audio: Accretion
11/14/2012Delerium, Protostar, X Marks the Pedwalk
10/03/2012The Mighty Chouffe
09/23/2012Devin Townsend Project, Brendan Perry
08/13/2012Dead Can Dance
07/26/2012Faunts, Necessary Response, 2 Bit Pie
07/03/2012Assemblage 23, Cesium 137
06/16/2012And One
05/30/2012THYX, Electronic Saviors Volume II
05/04/2012Orbital, Nothing But Noise
04/24/2012Disasterpeace, Intuition, And One
03/29/2012OSI, Melotron
03/14/2012VCMG, Stromkern
03/08/2012Yagya, Loscil, Lifeformed
02/13/2012Liquid Divine, Acretongue
01/17/2012indie game soundtracks, apparently
12/23/2011Access to Arasaka, Devin Townsend Project
11/18/2011Haujobb, Dryft
11/05/2011Chroma Key
10/24/2011VNV Nation, Binary Park, Erasure
10/03/2011Kasabian, Steven Wilson, Opeth
09/24/2011Opeth, Black Lung
09/08/2011Project Pitchfork, Mono Chrome
08/21/2011Access to Arasaka, Bastion soundtrack
06/28/2011Devin Townsend Project, Informatik, more Tympanik Audio compilations
06/20/2011Tympanik Audio compilations
05/26/2011Die Krupps, Necro Facility, Displacer
05/20/2011the Conet Project
04/29/2011Blackfield, Foo Fighters, And One
03/29/2011Binary Park, Tenek, Intuition, proem
02/28/2011The Echoing Green's new album
02/11/2011Brendan Perry, Ghost & Writer, the Birthday Massacre
01/21/2011Covenant, Edge of Dawn, Snog
12/29/2010Art of Noise, Ulrich Schnauss, Missile Command
12/10/2010old trance
09/18/2010Iris, Kamelot, Tenek
09/15/2010Iris, Kamelot
09/01/2010Project Pitchfork, Blind Guardian
06/25/2010Edge of Dawn, Ayria, Front Line Assembly, Anything Box
05/18/2010Architect, Biomekkanik, Rotersand, Access Zero, Destroid...
05/13/2010live music at Kinetik
04/18/2010Rotersand, And One, De/Vision, X Marks the Pedwalk
03/11/, Architect
02/26/2010Andy Bell
02/18/2010Massive Attack, Rotersand, Crudbump
01/23/2010Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer
01/04/2010Destroid, Liquid Tension Experiment, the Blue Nile
12/22/2009Rotersand, Doves, Mesh
12/02/2009Doves, Devin Townsend Project
11/19/2009Devin Townsend Project, Assemblage 23, Transatlantic
11/01/2009new Mesh and Assemblage 23, super old Information Society
10/10/2009Cesium 137, Rhea's Obsession
10/04/2009Porcupine Tree, Opeth, the Echoing Green, etc.
09/18/2009Porcupine Tree
09/11/2009Persona 3 and 4 soundtracks
08/17/2009the Echoing Green obsessively
08/08/2009lots of stuff
07/10/2009VNV Nation, Dream Theater
06/25/2009VNV Nation
06/17/2009Devin Townsend
05/20/2009OSI, Standeg, Project Pitchfork, Imatem
05/15/2009VNV Nation
05/10/2009Steve Roach
05/06/2009a bunch of synth-pop
03/19/2009Project Pitchfork, Fluke, 20goto10
03/16/2009Project Pitchfork
02/28/2009Steven Wilson
02/08/2009new monitors
01/28/2009Seabound, (to my surprise)
01/18/2009De/Vision, Melotron
11/25/2008Imatem, Missile Command
10/23/2008Mastodon, the Sisters of Mercy, Devin Townsend
09/19/2008Rose Chronicles
08/15/2008the Braid soundtrack, the Sisters of Mercy
08/13/2008the Braid soundtrack
08/11/2008lots of stuff
07/18/2008Secret Machines, ThouShaltNot
06/01/2008Destroid, Dave Gahan, Juno Reactor, King's X
05/28/2008Destroid, Dave Gahan, Juno Reactor
04/19/2008The Echoing Green, De/Vision
03/22/2008Iris, Seabound, Forma Tadre
03/17/2008C-Tec, Cesium 137, Total Eclipse
03/13/2008whatever's on Brian's stereo
03/05/2008C-Tec, very old Underworld
02/24/2008And One, Cesium 137, the Echoing Green, very old Underworld
01/17/2008The Echoing Green, Secret Machines, Information Society, the Alpha Conspiracy
01/07/2008The Echoing Green, Secret Machines, Information Society
12/30/2007The Echoing Green
12/04/2007Intuition, Architect
10/26/2007new Underworld, Porcupine Tree, Secret Machines
10/17/2007new Underworld
10/13/2007Forma Tadre
09/27/2007Foo Fighters
08/28/2007Massive Attack
08/20/2007Guitar Vader
08/05/2007Edge of Dawn
07/11/2007lots of Front 242
06/16/2007Katamari Fortissimo Damacy
06/10/2007Dream Theater
05/21/2007Erasure, Front Line Assembly
04/29/2007Porcupine Tree, Don Caballero
04/18/2007VNV Nation, And One
04/12/2007Strapping Young Lad
03/19/2007And One, Blackfield
03/18/2007And One
03/05/2007Blackfield, De/Vision
01/16/2007The Devin Townsend Band, De/Vision, Delerium, Röyksopp
12/31/2006Heaven 17
12/10/2006Dubok, Blackfield, Seabound
11/17/2006Seabound, ThouShaltNot
10/23/2006the Peter Gunn theme
09/27/2006Front Line Assembly, Strapping Young Lad, Ozric Tentacles
09/10/2006OSI, Kasabian, Blind Guardian, Deadsy
08/29/2006Deadsy, King's X
08/23/2006King's X
07/26/2006Jurassic 5, Doves
07/18/2006The Hunger, Information Society
06/22/2006Funker Vogt
06/18/2006Edguy, Opeth, Edge of Dawn
05/30/2006Dream Theater, Underworld, ThouShaltNot
05/25/2006Stromkern, Iris
05/14/2006Covenant, Ozomatli, Edge of Dawn, Missile Command