Characters encountered at concerts

The asshole on the scooter who chased Dan with a piece of turkey
The asshole who leaned on us and then brusquely said "Got a problem?" like we were the instigators
The asshole with the lighter
The clothes-changing guy
The drum nerd
The "Dude, are you from Amsterdam?" frat boy
Elder Stephan, who likes Depeche Mode
The "Entrance." guy
Festival Joe
The floor-humping woman
The French vampire flight attendant
The girl doing homework at the bar
Green Giant
The guys who kicked each other in the ass
The guy who ranted about the orange amps
The guy who was tearing up a tablecloth with his cell phone
The Hawkwind family
The inappropriately affectionate Greek guy
The "I've got a stone in my shoe" guy
Jammin' Elf Guy
Kraftwerk Girl
The Momus otaku
Morose John ("...why would I be from Amsterdam?")
Out-of-phase E girl
The Pabst-drinking asshole
Perpetually drunk pierced guy
Rob Zombie
Rockin'-Out-Backwards Guy
The Savatage Fanboy
The slimy loud drunk spiky-haired guy
The squid
The stationary college girl
The stoned guy who pushed Dan in a circle
USB Man (with the short shorts)
Vampire Phil Collins
Vinyl Girl
The woman in the tarp
The :wumpscut: guy